Ph.D. Alumni

Lazarus Pomara
Biogeography of upland bird communities in the Peruvian Amazon
(Young, December)

Robert D. Brennan
Last breath, first pulse: an experiment in modernization, Lowell, Massachusetts, 1823 - 1857
(Davies, December)

Kevin Michael Anderson
Marginal nature: Urban wastelands and the geography of nature
(Doughty, December)


Franklin Heitmuller
From Downstream trends of alluvial sediment composition and channel adjustment in the Llano River watershed, Central Texas, USA: the roles of a highly variable flow regime and a complex lithology
(Hudson, May)

Matthew J. Fry
Construction materials and landscape change
(Doolittle, December)

Robby Fergus
Urban bird conservation
(Doughty, December)


Carlos Santiago Lopez
From The Household To The Community: A Resource Demand And Land-Use Model Of Indigenous Production In Western Amazonia
(Sierra , August)

Damon Scott
The City Aroused: Sexual Politics And The Transformation Of San Francisco's Urban Landscape, 1943-1964
(Hoelscher, August)

Jennifer Lipton
Human Dimensions of Conservation, Land Use, and Climate Change in Huascaran National Park, Peru  (Young, August)

Reena Patel
Working the Night Shift: Women's Employment in the Transnational Call Center Industry
(Adams/Skop, May)

Trushna Parekh
Inhabiting Treme: Gentrification, Memory And Racialized Space In A New Orleans Neighborhood  (Hoelscher, May)

Amy Neuenschwander
Remote Sensing of Vegetation Dynamcs in Response to Flooding and Fire
(Crews , December)


Sarah Elizabeth Harris
Colonial Forestry and Environmental History: British Policies in Cyprus, 1878-1960
(Butzer , August)

Cyrus B. H. Reed
The Texas-Mexico Water Dispute and its Resolution: Agricultural Liquid & Land Practice and Discourse along the Rio Conchos, Chihuhua,  1990-2005
(Knapp, August)

Katrrinka Cleora Somdahl
Dancing in Place: the Radical Production of Civic Spaces
(Hoelsccher/Adams, May)

David Salisbury
Overcoming Marginality On The Margins: Mapping, Logging, And Coca In The Amazon Borderlands (Knapp, May)


Maria D. Lane
Imaginative Geographies of Mars: The Science and Significance of the Red Planet, 1877-1910
(Manners, August)

Joy Kristina Adams
Going Deutsch: Heritage Tourism and Identity in German Texas
(Hoelscher, August)

Christopher Thomas Gaffney  
Dynamic Sites and Cultural Symbols: the Stadiums of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires
(Adams, May)


Mary M. Brook
Re-scaling the Commons: Miskitu Indians, Forest Commodities, and Transnational Development Networks (Knapp, August)

Stuart Kirkham
Valuing Invasives: Understanding The Merremia Peltata Invasion In Post-Colonial Samoa
(Doolittle and Knapp, May)


Amy Mills
Streets of Memory: The Kuzguncuk Mahalle in Cultural Practice and Imagination
(Manners, August)

Margaret A. Kaluzny
From Islamic Ishbilia to Christian Sevilla: Transformations and Continuity in a Multicultural City
(Butzer, May)

Catherine Louise Hoover
Environmental Change and Uncertainty in Coastal Communities of Northern Honduras.
(Butzer, December).

Judith L. Dykes-Hoffman
On the Edge of the Balcones Escarpment: The Urban and Cultural Development of New Braunfels and San Marcos, Texas, 1845  1880.
(Doolittle and Jordan, December)


Maria Grace Fadiman
Fibers from the Forest: Mestizo, Afro-Ecuadorian, and Chachi Ethnobotany of Piquigua (Heteropsis ecuadorensis, Araceae) and Mocora (Astrocaryum standleyanum, Arecaceae) in Northwestern Ecuador. (Doolittle and Perez, August)

Maria Elisa Christie  
Kitchenspace: Gendered Spaces for Cultural Reproduction, or, Nature in the Everyday Lives of Ordinary Women in Central Mexico
(Knapp, August)

Keene McDonald Haywood
The Laguna Madre of Texas: A history and analysis of the spatial understanding and cultural constructions of its fisheries
(Manners, August)

Jerry Owen (Joby) Bass, Jr.  
More Trees in the Tropics: Repeat Photography and Landscape Change in Honduras
(Doolittle, May)

Bella Bychkova Jordan
A Geographical Perspective on Ethnogenesis: The Case of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
(Doolittle and Holz, December)


Kathryn A. Ebel  
City Views, Imperial Visions: Cartography and the Visual Culture of Urban Space in the Ottoman Empire, 1453-1603
(Manners, August)

William C. Rowe, Jr.
On the Edge of Empires: The Hisor Valley of Tajikistan
(Butzer, August).

Donald J. Huebner
From the Foothills to the Crest: Landscape History of the Southern Manzano Mountains, Central New Mexico, USA
(Hall, August)

Yugong Gao
Cranes and People in China: Culture, Science, and Conservation
(Doughty, December)


Yilmaz Ari  
Visions of a Wetland: Linking Culture and Conservation at Lake Manyas, Turkey
(Manners, August).

Martha P. Perez
Reciprocity and a Sense of Place: A Phenomenological Map of Haitian Space
(Doughty, May).

Paul A. Stangl
East Berlin 1945-1961: Ideology, Politics, Identity, and the Urban Landscape
(Butzer and Foote, May).

Shannon L. Crum
The Spatial Development of the Internet.
(Jordan and Foote)


Cathryn A. Hoyt
Grassland to Desert: Holocene Vegetation and Climate Change in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert
(Hall, August).

Claudia Lea Oakes
History and Consequences of Keystone Mammal Eradication in the Desert Grasslands: The Arizona Black-tailed Prairie Dog (Cynomys ludovicianus arizonensis)
(Doolittle and Doughty, May)

Miguel Aguilar-Robledo
Land Use, Land Tenure, and Environmental Change in the Colonial Jursidiction of Santiago de los Valles de Oxitipa, Northeastern New Spain
(Butzer, December).

José Manuel Aguilar Moreno
Tequitqui Art of Sixteenth Century Mexico: An Expression of Transculturation.
(Latin American Studies, Butzer, December).

Philip Lawrence Crossley
Sub-irrigation and Temperature Amelioration in Chinampa Agriculture
(Doolittle, December).

Peter Hutton Dana
Diversity in Descriptions of a Destroyed Place: Greytown, Nicaragua.
(Foote, December).


Eric P. Perramond
Desert Meadows: The Cultural, Political, and Ecological Dynamics of Private Cattle Ranching in Sonora, Mexico
(Doolittle, August).

Karl Offen
The Miskitu Kingdom. Landscape and the Emergence of a Miskitu Ethnic Identity, Northeastern Nicaragua and Honduras, 1600-1800
(Butzer and Knapp, May).

Juanita Sundberg
Conservation Encounters: NGOs, Local People,and Changing Cultural Landscapes.
(Knapp, May)

Jennifer Jill Helzer
The Italian Ethnic Substrate in Northern California: Cultural Transfer and Regional Identity
(Jordan, December).


Michael David Myers
Cultivation Ridges in Theory and Practice: Cultural Ecological Insights from Ireland
(Doolittle, August).

Christine Mary Drennon
(Re)Inventing Macedonia: the Passage from Religious to Territorial Identity
(Butzer, May)


James Travis Abbott
Late Quaternary Alluviation and Soil Erosion in Southern Italy
(Butzer, May)

Carlos Cordova Fernandez
Landscape Transformation in Aztec and Spanish Colonial Texcoco, Mexico
(Butzerr, May)

Norman Denny Johns
Brazil's Chocolate Forest: Environmental and Economic Roles of Conservation in Bahia's Cocoa Agrosystem
(Doolittle, December).

Alyson Lee Greiner
British and Irish Immigration to Rural Nineteenth Century Australia: Sources and Destinations
(Jordan, December).

Serge Louis Dedina
The Production of Gray Whale Conservation in Baja California Sur, Mexico
(Doughty, December).


Ibrahim M.I. Al-But'hie
The Role of Citizens in Defining the Meaning and Quality of Traditional and Modern Built Environments: An Exploratory Study of Al-Riyad, Saudi Arabia
(Manners, May)

Emily Harriet Young
Elusive Edens: Linking Local Needs to Nature Protection in the Coastal Lagoons of Baja California Sur, Mexico
(Doolitle, December)

Brian Ernest  Swanland
Chinese Ethnicity in the Houston Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area
(Davies, December)

Deborah Anne Salazar
Through Sickness and In Health: A Tropical Ethnoecology of Traditional Medicine Among the Pemon Indians of the Venezuelan Gran Sabana.
(Knapp, December)


Andrew Sluyter  
Changes in a Landscape: Natives, Spaniards, and the Ecological Restructuration of Central Veracuz, Mexico, During the Sixteenth Century
(Doolittle, August)

Gay Maria Gomez
A Wetland Biography: Seasons on Louisiana's Chenier Plain
(Doughty, August)

Charles David Frederick
Fluvial Response to Late Quaternary Climate Change and Landuse in Central Mexico
(Butzer, May) .


Michael Vincent Meed
The superfund in Texas : factors that influence citizens' responses to superfund sites
(Manners, August)

Jon Thomas Kilpinen
The origins of traditional mountain western culture as revealed in the built landscape
(Jordan, May)

Michael Herman Vachon
Onchocerciasis in La Sierra Madre de Chiapas
(Brower, December)


Robert Ervin Veselka
The courthouse square in Texas : its morphology and influence on the urban landscape
(Foote, August).

Barbara Elizabeth McDade
Characteristics of Small Scale Enterprises, Entrepreneurship, and Determinants of Business Success Among Artisans in a Traditional Crafts Industry in Ghana
(Davies, May)

Janet Mace Valenza
Places Lived, Places Lost: Taking the Waters in Texas
(Doughty and Manners, December)


 Dean Paul Lambert
Changes in a Tropical Dry Forest Shifting Cultivation System, Guerrero, Mexico
(Doolittle, May)

James Ross Kimmel
Ecological Adaptation as a Perspective for Environmental Management
(Butzer, May)

Michael David Blum
Modern Depositional Environments and Recent Alluvial History of the Lower Colorado River, Gulf Coastal Plain of Texas
(Butzer, May)

John Miller Morris, Jr.
El Llano Estacado: Environmental Perception and Deception on the Southern High Plains


Barbara McKean Parmenter
The Northern Lakes of Egypt: Encounters with a Wetland Environment
(Manners, August)

Robert Arthur Ricklis
Historical Cultural Ecology of the Karankawan Indians of the Central Texas Coast: A Case Study of the Roots of Adaptive Change
(Butzer, December).


Paul Webster Blank
Upper Egypt in the World Economy: The Transformation of the Sa'ad, 1800-1985
(English, August)


Chang, Chang-Yi David.
Regional Development and Environmental Impact of New Highway Construction: The First Cross-Island Route Through Highland Taiwan

Nungesser, Lisa G.
Hospital Service Areas Models: The Physician's Influence

Becker, Barbara.
A Regional Analysis of Nonmetropolitan Growth Patterns


Ryu, Je-Hun.
Institionalization and Cultural Adaptation on the Honam Plain of South Korea

Cotter, John Vincent.
Mosquitos and Disease in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, 1846-1946


Hobbs, Joseph John.
Bedouin Reconciliation with the Egyptian Desert


Swearingen, Will D.
In Search of the Granary of Rome: Irrigation and Agricultural Development in Morocco, 1912-1982


Hatchett, Ronald Lester
The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe: A Geopolitical Perspective


Miller, James Andrew.
Imlil: A Modern Moroccan Geography


Archer, Ewart D.G.
Effects of the Tourist Industry in Barbados, West Indies


Strong, William Reese.
The Spatial Expression of the Telegu Language in Residential Areas of Bangalore, India

Harner, Dennis Dale.
The Nature and Determinants of In-Migration to Nonmetropolitan Texas, 1970-1976

Enders, Wayne Thomas.
The Spatial Behavior of Low Income Urban Hospital Patients: A Case Study in Porto Alegre, Brazil


K.C., Bal Kumar .
The Spatial Diffusion of Public Policy Innovations and the Role of Modernization in the United States, 1870-1970

Conway, Dennis.
Residential Area Change and Residential Relocation in Port of Spain, Trinidad


DeAre, Diana Ruth.
The Effects of Natural Growth Centers Upon Their Hinterlands


Holmes, William Morris.
An Historical Geography of Dry Farming on the Northern High Plains of Texas

Appelt, Judy Anne Parker.
Central Place Functional Change in an Area of Population Decrease

Bonine, Michael Edward.
Yazd and its Hinterland: A Central Place System of Dominance in the Central Iranian Plateau

Boehm, Richard Glennon.
Structural Relationships Between Texas Ports and Inland Cotton Supply Points for Export Cotton


Helfert, Michael Robert.
The Association of Geomagnetic Field Intensity Decreases to Climatic Coolings During the Late Cenozoic (August)


Davidson, Claud Monroe.
A Spatial Analysis of Sub-metropolis Small Town Growth


VanSteenkiste, Richard John.
The Pass Lander: A Political Geographical Analysis of Western Austria


Gonzalez, Alfonso.
Land Utilization of Southwestern Coastal Mexico: Colima and Michoacan


Smith, Margaret Harrison.
The Lower Rio Grande Region in Tamaulipas, Mexico


Guzman-Rivas, Pablo.
Reciprocal Geographic Influences of the Trans-Pacific Galleon Trade

Master's Student


Gordon, Jessica D.

An Analysis of Forest Change: A Case Study of the Chocó-Andean Conservation Corridor in the Upper Guayllabamba Watershed, Ecuador. MA thesis (Young, May)

McCown, Andrew

Genetically Modified Soy Production and Small Farmer Resistance in San Pedro, Paraguay: Finding Space for Dialogue in an Overly-Politicized Agricultural Landscape. MA thesis (Knapp, May)


Barnett, Thomas

Black land ownership in post-bellum Texas: settlement locations and rural livelihoods. MA thesis (Doolittle, May)

De la Rosa Tincopa, Carolina

Environmental governance and implications of small-scale logging: the case of the indigenous groups in the Ampiyacu Basin in the northeastern Peruvian Amazon. MA thesis (Young, August)

Haeckel, Ingrid

Ceremonial bromeliads of the arco floral: ethnobotany, ecology, and harvest impacts of Tillandsia imperialis (Bromeliaceae) in Veracruz, Mexico. MA thesis (Doolittle, May)

Hurwitz, Zachary

Sustaining power: clean development, governance, and the politics of hydroelectricity in Brazil. MA thesis (Doolittle, May)

Riely, Andrew

Grass-fed cattle ranching in Texas: characteristics and motivations of ranchers. MA thesis (Knapp, May)


Garland, Beverly Lyn

Prowling the Nature-Culture Borderlands: A Geography of the Feral Cat. MA thesis (Adams, December)

Ogren, Jonathan A

Conservation Planning in Central Texas. MA thesis (Doughty / Young, May)

Wallace, Margaret Gene

Urban dung beetles: a natural history of dung-feeding scarabs along an urban gradient in Travis County, Texas. MA thesis (Richardson, May)

Williams, Katherine

Pimping Paradise: An Analysis of the Construction and Contestation of the Place-Based Identity of Key West, Florida. MA thesis (Zonn, May)


Shiri Avneri

1,400 Years of Biomass Burning, Climate Variability, and Environmental Change on Ometope Island, Lake Nicaragua. MA thesis (Dull, May)

Drew Edward Bennett

Indigenous Land-Use Systems: Evidence from the Pueblo Kichwa de Rukullakta. MA thesis (Sierra, May)

Maria Belén Noroña Salcedo

Seizing the Lake: Tourism, Identity, and Power of the Indigenous People of Quilotoa. MA thesis (LAS, Knapp, May)

Kendall S. Zanowiak

Immigrant Claims to Space and the State's Attempt to Control It: The Case of Latin Americans in the United States. MA thesis (LAS, Skop, May)

Mason R. McWatters

(De) Constructing Paradise: Assessing Residents' Place Experiences During an Era of Residential Tourism Development in Boquete, Panamá. MA thesis (LAS, Adams).  Winner, Outstanding Thesis/Report Award, Graduate School, 2006-2007.


Sharon Wilcox

Reconstructing identity representational strategies in the Garifuna community of Dangriga, Belize.  MA thesis (Zonn, May)

Jonathan Meiburg

The biogeography of Striated Caracaras Phalcoboenus australis. MA thesis (Doughty, May)

Jessica Lynn Lee
Late Quaternary Environmental Change in the Huasteca Cultural Region of the Mexican Gulf Coast. MA thesis (Dull, May).

Robin H. Gary (Havens)
Anthropogenic Activities and Karst Landscapes: a Case Study of the Deep, Thermal, Sulfuric Karst System in Tamaulipas, Mexico. MA thesis, (Crews, December).

Brenda C. Baletti
The social production of urban forests: urbanization, development, and conservation in the eastern Brazilian Amazon. MA thesis (Doolittle, December).

Kacy McKinney
Contesting the transgenic landscape networks, narratives and policy action in agrarian struggles in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 1998-2003. MA thesis (LAS, Davis),

 Julio Postigo
Change and continuity in a peasant community of Peruvian shepherds the case of Pilpichaca, Huancavelica. MA thesis (LAS)


Amy Lynn Norman
Isolating seasonal variation in landuse/landcover change using multi-temporal classification of landsat ETM data in the Peruvian Amazon, MA thesis (Crews, August).

Joanna Wolaver
Pressure on the park a case study of Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas, and whooping crane habitat management. MA thesis (Crews, August).

Hope Hackman Fitzgerald
Private sector participation in water provision, MA thesis (MES, Manners, August).

Orlandos G. Stergides
The "Minoan" Eruption of Santorini and the Collapse of the Minoan Civilization, MA thesis (Doolittle, May).

Jillian Suzanne Aldrin
Downstream spatial variability of recent flood deposits, Lower Guadalupe River, Texas, MA thesis (Hudson, May).

Heather Allard
The Yellowstone bison herd contentious management of an American icon, MA thesis (Davis, December).

Amy Weesner
Indigenous territoriality in Ecuador's Amazon a study of Achuar organizational discourse and the legalization of ancestral territories, MA thesis (LAS, Knapp, December).

Eric Russman
Long-term impacts of payment for environmental services : a forest conservation assessment in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. MA thesis (LAS)


Jean Wintemute Parcher.
Remote Sensing Methods for Estimating Impervious Cover for Hydrologic Modeling Applications: A Case Study of the Brownsville/Matamoros Urban Area, MA thesis (Crews, December).

Manuel Peralvo.
Identification of biodiversity conservation priorities using predictive modeling: An application for the tropical dry forests of western Ecuador and northern Peru, MA thesis (Sierra, August).


Haiyan Yang.
The Influence of the National Flood Insurance Program on Texas Coastal Development, MA thesis (Crews, August).

Matthew Joseph Fry.
Choices, Collectives, and Framing: An Analysis of the Role of Land Tenure on the Decision Making of the Bolivian Ava Guaranis. MA thesis (LAS, Knapp, May).

Mary Harding Polk.
An Assessment of Conservation Approaches for the Natural Protected Areas in Arid Southern Peru. MA thesis (LAS, Young, May). Photograph by Oscar Maldonado, May, 2003.

Oscar I. Maldonado
Biodiversity Conservation in Long-Inhabited Landscapes: Challenges and Opportunities for the Lake Atitlan Region, Guatemala. MA report (Knapp, May). Photo by Daniel Hernandez-Salazar, 2003.

Elaine A. Bradbee
Cultural Patterning in French Polynesia, MA thesis (Jordan, May).
Office Manager and Litigation Assistant, Hanna & Plaut LLP, Attorneys at Law, Austin

Damion Brook Kintz
Land use and land cover change between 1987 and 2001 in the buffer zone of a national park in the tropical Andes. MA thesis (Young, May).
US Geological Survey, Austin Texas


Alexandra Giselle Ponette.
Living on the Margin: An Economic Analysis of Traditional Shade Coffee
Cultivation by the Huastec Maya of Northeastern Mexico. MA thesis (Doolittle, May).

Franklin T. Heitmuller
Morphological and Sedimentological Variability of Natural Levee Deposits in the Lower Panuco Basin, Mexico. MA thesis (Hudson, May).

Ryan Edward Fennell
Bipolar city : the reinvention of downtown living in Los Angeles. MA thesis (Davies, May).

Laura Nicole Pierce
The Case of the Comuneros and the Cement Baron: A Critique of Sustainable Development and Conservation in Coastal Ecuador MA thesis (LAS, Knapp, May).

Amber Leigh Clark
From the banks of Green Bay : defining the Ho-Chunk homeland, 1634-2001. MA thesis.  (Jordan, December)


 Gina Slinger
The Feasibility of Apicultural (Meliponidae) Extention Programs: A Study of the "Kaan-Lool" Cooperative in Yucatan Peninsula. MA thesis (Doolittle. August).

David Bezanson.
Natural Vegetation Types of Texas and Their Representation in Conservation Areas. MA thesis. (Manners, December).


Hanley, Lisa Marie. Urban Indigenous Identity: The Case of the Gahuijón in Quito. (Knapp, August)

Waldinger, Rachel Lee. Theories of Rock Glacier Genesis and Weathering in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica (reports). (Hall and Perez, August).

Canright, David Michael. Counting Yankees: Towards a Cultural Profile of the Pacific Northwest Coast. (Jordan, May).

Julie Melissa Owen. Central Idaho Public Lands Resource Management: Insider/Outsider Perspectives on Rights to Use and Rights to Decision-Making. (Knapp, May).

Michelle Elizabeth Korczynski. Visions of Violence [A study of depictions of violence by jounralists in Bogotá, Colombia]. (Latin American Studies Thesis, Knapp, December).

Jennifer Kristen Lipton. Social Dimensions of Biological Corridors: The Talamanca Caribbean Biological Corridor, Costa Rica. (Knapp, December).

1998-1999 (83 theses through this year)

Damon John Scott. Our Aboriginal Nomenclature: Temporal and Spatial Patterns in the Adoption of Native American Names for Places. (Jordan, August).

Eunice L. Blavascunas. Placemaking and Identity in the Bialowieza Forest Preserve, Poland. (Doughty, August)

Remolina Angarita, Fernando. Plant Distribution Pattern in the Tundra; Distribution of Size Sediments on the Surface of Alluvial Fans. (Report, Perez, August)

Neumann, Regina Anne. The Influence of Impervious Cover and Channel Alterations on Flooding on Shoal Creek, Austin, Texas. (Davies, August).

Fergus, Robby Scott. The Birds of Hornsby Bend, Austin, Texas. (Doughty, August).

Babcock, John Booth. Topocide in Houston: The Struggle for Control of Allen Parkway Village and Freedmen's Town, 1940-2000. (Davies, May).

Cundiff, Roy Elliot. Resurrection of Place: The Creation, Destruction, and Recreation of Boston's Central Artery. (Davies, May).

Benedict, Sarah J. Integrating the Management of Wetlands and Wastewater. (Manners, December).


Weaver, Amanda Jessie. Hispanics in Rural Minnesota: Migration, Life, and Change. (Davies, August).

Riddle, Michael Brent. Squatter Housing and the Cankaya Municipality of Ankara, Turkey : Efforts at Urban Transformation. August (M. Pub. Aff. and M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies Professional Report)

Dravillas, James Brian. Czech Culture in Fayette County, Texas. (Jordan, May).

Kirvan, Anthony Paul. The Light Rail Transit System: Austin, Texas, 1998. (Davies, May).

Ward, James Robert. The Impact of Community Development Block Grant Funds on Neighborhood Revitalization: Austin, Texas: 1975-1995. (Doughty and Davies, May).

Mitchell, James Learmonth. Ecotourism and Sea Turtle Conservation: Tamarindo, Costa Rica. (Doughty, May)

Goett, Jennifer Allan. Waste and Resource: Two Garífuna Households on the North Coast of Honduras. December. (Latin American Studies Thesis, Knapp).


Jordan, Bella Bychkova. Djarkhan, a Siberian Village: Rural Life in the Sakha Republic. (Holz, August).

Rayback, Shelly Addison. Snow Avalanche Frequency and Magnitude in the Colorado Front Range, USA. (Perez, August).

Bonta, Mark Andrew. Shared Worlds: Birds and people in central Olancho, Honduras. (Doughty, August).
Calegari, Valerie Rose. Environmental Perceptions and Local Conservation Efforts in Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila, Mexico. (Manners, May).

 Conway, Rachel Anne. Water and Irrigation Policy in Morocco. May. (Middle Eastern Studies and Public Affairs Report)

 Roy, Shawn Ashim. Areal Expansion of Austin, Texas: 1952-1980. (Davies, May).
Slaughter, Jack D., Jr. Throughfall, Stemflow, and Infiltration Rates for Juniperus Ashei on the Edwards Plateau, Texas. (Perez, May)

Huebner, Donald James. A Geography of Feral Hogs in Texas. (Doughty, December)


Barsotti, Natasha Therese. The Steelband in Trinidad : Re-negotiating Identity and Sense of Place in a Contested New World Landscape. (Knapp, August)

Crum, Shannon L. Landscapes of Myth and Tradition : a Cultural Geography of Cinematic Place Images. (Foote, August)

Ebel, Kathryn Ann. In the Garden of Empire : Landscape Imagery and the Ottoman Imperial Vision in the Sixteenth Century. (Manners, August)

Lynch, Margaret Anne. The Space Between : Turkish National Identity and the Urban Landscape of Ankara. (Manners, August)

Phillips, Clinton Chase. The Image of Texas Landscape in Film. August.

Baird, Alison Lea. The Ideal Landscape : the Experience of Acclimatisation in Colonial Canterbury, New Zealand. (Manners, May).

Behr (Wiese), Holly Rochelle. Bicycle Commuting : a Geographic Analysis of US Trends. (Foote, May).

 Keys, Eric Glen. Three Yards : a Measure of Women's Agricultural Space in Highland Guatemala. May. (Latin American Studies Thesis, Doolittle).

Rowe, William Campbell, Jr. Population and Water: A Study of Southern and Eastern Morocco. May. (Middle Eastern Studies Thesis).

Sprengel, Lee Ann. Egypt's Community Development Associations: Factors Affecting Their Performance. May. (Middle Eastern Studies and Public Affairs Report).

Everett, Michal Don. Initial Responses to the Privatization of Two Ejidos in Guanajuato, Mexico, 1992-1995. (Doolittle, December)
Goldberg, Allison Jane. Oil, Indians, and the Amazon : Assumptions by United States Press. (Knapp, December).
Kaluzny, Margaret Ann. Spanish Urban History from Roman Times to 1492: A New Perspective. December.
Voelkening, Karen Suzanne. Val Resia and Valcanale : Cultural Adaptation and Change in Two Eastern Alpine Valleys. December.


 Chunn, Heather Marie. Mountain Lion Management : a Texas Case Study. August.

 Drinkwin, Joan Mary. Gully Erosion on Two Blackland Prairie Nature Preserves. (Perez, August).

Franklin, Oliver Percival. Listen to the Walls Speak : Murals and Symbology in Austin, Texas 1990-1995. August.

Goering, Mark David. Farming in Platte County, Nebraska : Ethnicity, Attitude, and Land Transformation. (Doughty, August).

Sheedy, Brien Richard. Himalayan Ecotourism : Tourism Management in Nepal's Mountain Parks and Conservation Areas. (Knapp, August).
 Doering, Rebecca Ann. Geographic Boundaries of the Persian Gulf: A Historical Study. August. (Middle Eastern Studies Thesis).

 Zabriskie, Christopher T. Water Scarcity and Development in the Tigris-Euphrates River Basin. August. (Middle Eastern Studies Report).

Leuck, Jason Thomas. Rethinking Urbanization: the Future of the Turkish City. August. (Middle Eastern Studies and Public Affairs Report).

Hammond, Edward Hopkins, III. A Business of Development? Bioprospectors, Indigenous People, and the Pharmaceutical Industry in Northeastern Peru. August (Latin American Studies Thesis, Knapp).

Dalton, Anthony Crate. Immigration, Segregation and Ghettoization in the Greater Copenhagen Area. (Jordan, May).

Robinson, Stephanie Ellen. Improving Environmental Quality in Turkey : the Challenge of Pollution Control in a Developing Country (Manners, May).

Zapata, Luis F. An Ecotourism Plan for Sierra Tarahumara. December. (Latin American Studies Thesis).


Robinson, Brian Edward. Historical and Predicted Economic Activity in the Yellow River Basin, the People's Republic of China. August.

Sundberg, Juanita NGO Landscapes, Conservation, and Communities in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Petén, Guatemala. August. (Latin American Studies Thesis, Knapp)

Alspach (>Walfkill), Elizabeth Kidd. Reading Ontario's Folk Landscape : the Province's American Roots Revealed in Pioneer Log Structures. (Jordan, May).

Anderson, Amy Elizabeth. Ethnic Tourism in the Sierra Tarahumara : a Comparison of Two Raramuri Ejidos. (Doolittle, May).

Blum, Martina Ursula. Aeolian Deposits in Hall County, Texas: GIS Evaluation for Paleoclimatic Research . May. (Report)

Perreault, Thomas Albert. Local Communities and Environmental Conservation: A Comparative Study in the Northern Ecuadorian Andes. (Knapp, May).

Charbonnet, Lisa Pressly. A Study in Community Resilience : Sabinal, Texas . December.

Kopf, Jennifer Mary. Environmental Movements in Honecker's German Democratic Republic : Placelessness within the Church. (Doughty, December).

Vender, JoAnn Christine. Culture, Environment, and Rural Schools : Towards Locally Appropriate Primary Education in Highland Ecuador . (Knapp, December).

Coffee, Janet Michelle. Development of a Spatially Explicit Hydrology Model and the Consequences of Spatial Data Resolution on Model Performance. December. (Botany MA Thesis)


Kilian, James Theodore. The Language of Environmental Debate : the Balcones Canyonlands Conservation Plan. (Foote, August).

Buckley, Thomas M. Economic Geography of Two Municipalities in Michoacan, Mexico : Apatzingan and Buenavista. The 1992 Gubernatorial Election in Michoacan, Mexico : a Demographic Assessment. May. (Latin American Studies Reports).

Friedman, Scot Bradley. Geographic Information Systems: Analysis of a Habitat Conservation Plan. December. (Report)

Gilchrist, Gwendolyn Lea. Texas Water Resources Management by Water Districts and River Authorities. December.


Ahlrichs, Gretchen. Managing Wilderness for the Future: The Conflict Between Use and Preservation. August.

Davis, Diana Karen. Progress and Development: An Examination of Sustainable Development in Its Historical and Intellectual Context. August.

Inch, Mark Sherwin. Decemberision-making and the Implementation of Security Land Use Policies : a Case Study of Iraq. August.

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